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At Business Cents, we care about the art of the pressed pennies that we design and sell, and we would like to share our passion and skills with you. We design, create, and manufacture pressed pennies.

Business Cents is owned by Josh and Michelle Kilcoyne, who currently reside in central North Carolina. Michelle is a graphic designer who has been designing elongated pennies for over 15 years.  She designs, rolls, and hand inspects every penny that Business Cents sells. Josh and Michelle have four kids and are active in the local pressed penny communities.

Since we have started pressing elongated pennies, we have treated every customer like they were a part of our family. There are no other companies that provide the quality of pressed pennies we provide, with the quality customer service to match. Business Cents is the leading manufacturer of custom pressed pennies worldwide.




 Stuio Twelve28 is operated by JAMH LLC.

Business Cents is constantly growing in the event industry and adding new products.  We opened Studio Twelve28 in late 2013 to be able to expand our product line.  Through Studio Twelve28 we offer specialty pressed pennies, Pennybandz, The Penny Passport Books, custom jewelry, and much more.  Please join our family and grow with us.